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The history of herbal teas is said to have started in approximately 350 A.D. due to the efforts of an individual named Lu Yu writing in Chinese upon a parchment scroll entitled ‘The Classic of Tea’ that included information regarding the cultivation, processing, and uses of tea.

But the first cup of tea is said to have been born in an accident thousands of years earlier. In 2737 B.C, there was a Chinese Emperor named Shen-Nong who was boiling some water — a commonly practiced method used to purify water — where upon some leaves from a nearby bush unexpectedly blew into the pot.

However, he did not see that occur and covered the pot while the leaves still floated in the water. Soon after, smelling the scent of the brew, he became curious and tasted it. This became the first born of teas, evolving over the centuries into the herbal and medicinal teas of today.

Shen-Nong also wrote a book entitled ‘Shennong Ben Cao Jing’. The book stated that "Shen-Nong tasted hundreds of herb, he encountered seventy two poisons daily and used tea as an antidote". The book also includes various uses and function of herbs.